Recruiting reward analysts

When seeking for your next reward analyst employee, it is important to look for high calibre candidates who meet the values and ethos of your business while also being able to demonstrate their relevant skills and experience.

Portfolio CBR is highly experienced in recruiting compensation, benefits and reward specialists for well-regarded organisations both in the UK and abroad. With our expert assistance and advice during your recruitment campaign, you can remain confident that your reward analyst vacancy will be filled by the most suitable candidate.

What are your requirements?

If you have a reward analyst job opening, think carefully about what you expect from your new employee. Outlining these daily duties and requirements in your job advertisement can ensure that the right candidates respond to your post. For instance, you may wish to ensure that candidates can fulfil the following criteria:

  • Previous experience in the financial industry
  • A graduate degree or equivalent qualification
  • Exceptional working knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Office
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Excellent problem solving and planning abilities
  • Able to demonstrate strong written and oral communication skills in order to effectively correspond with employees throughout the company hierarchy

Once you have specified the experience and skills you require a prospective reward analyst to possess, the experienced recruitment consultants at Portfolio CBR will refer to our vast talent pool of high calibre candidates who fulfil your criteria. We only send you the applications that meet your specifications, meaning that you needn’t waste valuable time sifting through unsuitable CVs in search of the few who match.

Reward analyst interview guide

While Portfolio CBR screens each professional and can provide you with a group of applicants with specific skills, knowledge and experience, it is vital that you interview candidates to properly gauge whether or not they are right for the role and your company.

Our consultants can help you to develop a core set of questions so that you can effectively assess the attributes and abilities of each reward analyst applicant. For instance:

Following the interview process, take time to digest all the information to decipher exactly who would be the most competent reward analyst. Of course, Portfolio CBR can provide you with expert advice during this stage of the recruitment process so that you get the best possible outcome.

For further recruitment advice, get in contact with one of the Portfolio CBR consultants on 020 7650 3190. With experience in hiring for reward manager, benefits officer and head of reward jobs, we can help with any compensation, benefits and reward vacancy you have.

  • What are your three main strengths? – Look for an applicant with good analytic or database skills and broad industry knowledge. They must be performance driven, business focused and adaptable. It is also vital for a candidate to show they are capable of project management, complete with good communication skills and the ability to be a team player.
  • What previous rewards experience do you have? – Pinpoint candidates who have been responsible for developing, implementing and managing competitive reward schemes, with experience in salary research and analysis, benchmarking salary structures and managing databases.
  • What was your biggest challenge in your most recent role, and how did you overcome it? – This gives reward analyst candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their initiative and independence. Check that they are capable of keeping a level head and implementing successful solutions in a timely manner.
  • How have you previously improved a rewards programme, and what methods were used? – This will highlight whether their methods are suited to your business. You will also discover whether they use up-to-date and effective techniques and ideas which would improve your present rewards strategy.

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