5 skills every reward manager should have

A high-quality benefits strategy is probably the most effective way to boost business performance, and there are plenty of studies to back that up.

In light of this, reward managers who can implement benefit schemes that help to motivate the workforce are very much in demand.

If you’re a reward professional looking for career progression and you think you have the experience to move into a management role, it’s important that you brush up and develop on the following five skills.

Strong numerical and advanced analytical skills

The rewards industry is all about managing compensation packages, so being good with numbers – sometimes complex formulas – is vital. If you’re mathematically strong and have the ability to manage people and process carefully, you’ll be in a strong position to land the job.

Excellent communication skills – both oral and written

Communication skills are vital in all walks of working life, but they’re especially important in the reward and benefits profession. As a reward manager, you’ll be communicating your policies to internal stakeholders – mostly people who are more senior.

Ability to influence others, including senior colleagues

Following on from communication skills, negotiation skills are also important. That’s because you’ll have to liase with more senior employees who are the real decision-makers. You’ll need their sign-off if your new improved compensation package is to get the go-ahead – keep a cool head and back your arguments up properly and you’ll do fine.

Ability to work under pressure

Many rewards jobs are in fast-paced environments, so if you’ve got the temperament to deal with different colleagues and situations that change on a daily basis, you’ll be well placed to succeed.

Strong attention to detail

This goes without saying really. The decisions you make as a reward manager have a direct impact on employee and business performance, so making sure all intricate financial details are correct is a must.

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