5 skills to look for when recruiting a HR assistant 

5 skills to look for when recruiting a HR assistant 

HR assistants, along with other staff that work within HR such as compensation controllers, are vital to the smooth running of any HR department.

To ensure your company HR department is running as smoothly as possible it’s important to hire the sort of people who have the right skills to take it forward.

We have compiled the top five skills we are asked to look for when searching specifically for HR assistants to help you find a person who is right for the role.

1.       Interpersonal skills

You will need to look for someone who has strong interpersonal skills. The best place to decipher if a candidate has these qualities or not is during the interview stage, when by simply talking to them you will be able to get a feel of how they are in one-on-one or group situations.

2.       Diplomacy

Again, the interview is the best time to find this information out. Study their demeanour and ask questions on how they would react in certain stressful scenarios.

3.       Recruitment experience

Employee recruitment is one important aspect of human resources, so some degree of past experience in the hiring of staff is always helpful. If not, it is a skill that can be developed.

4.       Computer & IT proficiency

The ability to use a computer and various essential software programs such as Microsoft Office and email systems is vital in any modern office environment. Good English skills are also crucial, as in any job that involves written correspondence.

5.       Empathy

Understanding the frustrations and worries of various employees and departments is something HR staff must do on a daily basis, so genuine empathy is always a trait you should look out for.

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