Bosses Failing to Take Employee Wellbeing into Consideration

Research has revealed that less than half (46%) of employers believe they have a duty to care for the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Development firm Morgan Redwood’s Wellbeing and Business Performance report asked 250 businesses questions about employee wellbeing, and while 83% said business performance and wellbeing are connected, it revealed that many are not willing to act upon this.

The results are in stark contrast to a study by the same company completed in 2009, where 95% of businesses felt and accepted responsibility for their workforce.

Poorly Treated Employees Will Prove to be Detrimental

Employee wellbeing was only ranked the 12th most important consideration to businesses, while the top three human resources concerns were:

  • Attracting better talent
  • Reducing staff churn
  • Cutting employee costs

Janice Haddon, MD at Morgan Redwood, said that because employers are putting recruitment ahead of the needs of the existing workforce, they are “taking their eye off the wellbeing ball.”

Haddon said: “Businesses need to remember that looking after employees is just as important as striving for new business and growth,” and that “poorly treated employees will end up becoming detrimental in the long run.”

Only 39% said they saw employees as “Individuals to be nurtured”, while 22% said they are “easily replaced commodities”, 17% said they are “difficult to manage”, and 13% a “necessary evil”.

The study makes for gloomy reading following a report published by the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) in 2014, which revealed that 40% of employers are seeing a rise in stress-related absence.

Improve Focus on Employee Benefit and Wellbeing

The wellbeing of staff and business performance are very highly connected, meaning it is vital to make sure your HR department includes hard-working and passionate staff who are dedicated to creating a positive workplace for fellow employees.

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