Compensation, Benefits and Rewards Advisor Jobs in the East and West Midlands

The compensation, benefits and reward team are a vital component in any HR department, as they are key to planning and maintaining pay and benefit schemes, as well as attracting and retaining talented employees.

They are highly organised, efficient, have exceptional communication skills and an analytical mind as well as an eye for detail that is crucial when planning benefits programs according to industry standards and avoiding discrepancies.

In the East and West Midlands

There has been a recent increase in demand for talented rewards advisors in the East and West Midlands area. At Portfolio CBR we are able to help you find compensation, benefits and rewards analysts who can help you recruit talented employees to your organisation.

The East and West Midlands has become an attractive area for large organisations over the last few years for several reasons. It is often due to the natural growth and expansion of a company over time, however, the region also offers geographical benefits that the traditional hubs of Manchester and London do not.

As more large businesses take their companies to the East and West Midlands, more reward jobs have become available as more advisors are required to recruit talented employees who are conventionally located in the larger cities. This necessitates that the advisors these organisations take on be highly skilled at attracting quality employees to comparatively rural areas of the country with better benefits and compensation packages.

How do they build compensation and benefits packages?

Compensation, benefits and reward advisors are skilled analysts who use industry benchmarking and their understanding of current legislation to create benefits packages for employees. In order to attract the level of talent you want for your company, you need to have a competitive edge which will mean providing employees with more than a well paid salary.

Your reward advisor will be responsible for the following daily tasks:

  • Providing advice and support to both employers and employees on reward matters
  • Being the main point of communication between employers and employees
  • Updating and maintaining existing reward and benefit packages according to legislative changes and industry standards
  • Being a flexible and knowledgeable member of the HR team who is able to apply their skills to all areas of the company in order to help the business achieve the best possible outcome

When compiling your job description for a compensation, benefits and reward advisor in the East and West Midlands, it is important that you consider the tasks that your rewards team will be responsible for on a daily basis, and the skills they will need to have.

Whether you are looking for a compensation and benefits analyst in the Midlands or elsewhere in the UK, Portfolio CBR can help you find a candidate with the skills and experience you require. For more information on how we can help you throughout the recruitment process, please contact our team of specialist consultants on 020 7650 3190.

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