Compensation, benefits and rewards temps

Some professionals now choose to take the route of interim work over a long term role in a company. This has become more highly regarded in recent years, particularly in the field of total reward where employees may find that moving from one organisation to another allows them to acquire more experience specialising in different areas.

Talented reward candidates have been highly sought after in recent years since the recession, and as compensation, benefit and reward specialists at Portfolio CBR we are able to find your business the ideal interim or temporary candidate to fill your vacancy.

What is needed to become a reward temp?

If you are a large organisation you may be seeking a candidate with their CIPD, others may prefer to base their hiring strategy on experience in the industry. For instance, while in some roles leadership and project management skills may be an essential requirement, time-keeping and planning are vital for all positions.

The top compensation, benefits and reward candidates excel in negotiating and are excellent at numeracy and strategic thinking.

What does a reward temp do?

Reward covers a variety of areas within HR; the responsibilities of the total reward team include attracting, motivating and retaining employees. This includes structuring pay grades, building strong relationships with employees and directors, providing bonuses and employee welfare benefits such as company cars, childcare and healthcare.

Their day-to-day role will include research, analysis and administration of the total reward strategy, embodying the five key elements of the reward program:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Work-life
  • Performance and recognition
  • Development and career opportunity

The extent to which a compensation, benefit and rewards temp may have to be experienced in each area can vary depending on the reward strategy of the individual company. Each element is not mutually exclusive, but a successful total rewards program is the art of combining all five effectively and tailored to the specific business.

Who is looking for interim and temp positions?

Interim work is an increasingly popular career choice for professionals seeking flexible and varied employment, while being able to branch out into several areas of their industry and so broadening their skill set and their CV.

Temp jobs in compensation, benefits and reward enable successful candidates to encounter different working environments, train using different systems and face new challenges. It is also an effective and efficient way for both the client and the candidate to gauge the suitability of the situation before committing to any long term arrangement.

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