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Compensation analyst job description

Compensation analysts are responsible for analysing existing employee pay grades and reviewing the existing employee structure.

Using their findings they will outline areas for improvement, and develop the compensation structure, helping to maintain current staff and attract new talent.

They work with the HR department to ensure the compensation and bonus program is competitive alongside other businesses.

What to look for in candidates

Candidates must have experience of leading a team in a managerial position, so good administration and time management is essential.

They must have excellent written and spoken communication skills and the ability to clearly convey their instructions to both internal stakeholders and staff.

To be successful in the role, candidates will be confident directing others to implement schemes effectively.

Daily tasks

  • Analysing Internal salaries and external markets
  • Developing and implementing competitive pay, bonus and benefit structures
  • Writing job descriptions to attract the right level of talent
  • Liaising with the HR department on compensation issues
  • Managing policy performance

Candidates should have prior experience in a similar role, perhaps in a reward or recognition position.

They will be comfortable recognising employee achievements and ensuring that a positive workplace culture is in place.

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