Compensation and Benefits Analyst

Portfolio CBR offers expert guidance to companies looking to hire a compensation and benefits analyst for their organisation. Whether you are seeking to fill this position for the first time or you are looking for a candidate to fill an interim position, Portfolio CBR can help you attract top quality candidates for your business.

A compensation and benefits analyst is responsible for producing an effective and economical compensation and benefits package. Their role is to collect and analyse data using industry benchmarking to develop these packages in order to retain top level employees.

Planning your job description

At the start of your recruitment campaign it is important to have a clear idea in mind of the skills and experience you are looking for in a compensation and benefits analyst. The simplest way to do this is to list the daily tasks the candidate will be responsible for; Portfolio CBR will discuss with you the exact specifications the role involves, we then use this information to select candidates capable of taking them on.

In order to find the right candidate and the one who will be a truly valuable asset to your company, we also take in to account the nature of your business, your values and the type of candidate who would be most suited to your organisation.

Daily responsibilities

A compensation and benefits analyst is responsible for completing the following daily tasks:

  • Performing surveys to analyse market and industry wide trends
  • Developing and maintaining competitive pay and benefit schemes in order to attract and retain top level employees
  • Maintain a good knowledge of legislation and policies regarding your industry to discuss with management when implementing schemes throughout the organisation
  • Notifying employees of changes to compensation and benefits schemes and new policies
  • Organise and maintain employee data, ensuring that it is consistently accurate and up to date

What to look for in applicants

To successfully fulfil these tasks on a daily basis a quality candidate must be highly organised, with a background in the compensation, benefits and rewards sector. We select candidates for compensation and benefits jobs who are able to demonstrate a clear, working understanding of the industry and have excellent written and oral communication skills, as they are expected to build strong working relationships with shareholders and internal staff.

Whether you are looking to hire a rewards analyst, or a compensation and benefits analyst Portfolio CBR has the recruitment expertise to find the right candidate for your organisation. You can register your vacancy with us on the site, or contact us on 020 7650 3190 to speak to one of our expert consultants.

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