Global Benefits Jobs

Benefits play an important part in the decision process of high calibre employees who you are hoping to retain, particularly if you are asking them to make a move abroad. A transition on this scale not only affects the employee, but their family also.

A talented global benefits professional will ensure that the work and commitment of your top employees is reflected in the benefits package they receive. This should take into account the needs and wants of the individual and the standard benefits package in your industry, as it is vital that you are able to provide benefits that are both comprehensive and competitive in your market.

What can a global benefits professional do for your business?

Global benefits employees have a diverse skill set in order to successfully fulfil their daily responsibilities, which include:

  • Developing benefits packages for employees abroad and implementing them
  • Working in partnership with compensation, benefits and rewards teams throughout the business
  • Budgeting and salary assessment
  • Using industry benchmarking to create a competitive compensation and benefits plan
  • Finding suitable living arrangements for the employee and their family

The candidate should also be able to demonstrate strong communication skills when discussing benefits arrangements with employees at different levels of seniority across the company; with whom they will be responsible for discussing which compensatory and benefit demands the company can meet within budget.

Working with Portfolio CBR

At Portfolio CBR, our team of recruitment consultants have years of experience working with our clients to find desirable candidates for their vacancies. We offer guidance to clients throughout the process from selecting only suitable applicants to send on for interviews, to providing questions for the interview itself.

When searching for your ideal candidate, our consultants will take into account your core company values, the industry you work in and the calibre of the applicant. We know this to be a thorough and effective method of recruiting for the compensation, benefits and rewards sector. For instance, a compensation specialist will possess many the key strengths you are looking for from working in other areas of the industry, and the right personality – without having necessarily worked in a global benefits role before.

Whether you are looking for a global mobility manager or to fill a global benefits vacancy, we will use our extensive talent pool of candidates to find the right person for your business. Contact us on 020 7650 3190 for more information.

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