What to expect from global mobility coordinator applicants

A global mobility coordinator is responsible for relocating employees and their families from one country to another as part of their employment. They must be able to set up and oversee transfers, ensuring that the transition from one country to another runs as smoothly as possible. The responsibilities range from meeting immigration requirements, organising visas, ensuring new compensation packages are commensurate with existing packages and organising house moves and schooling.

As there is much demand for global mobility coordinators – with many companies bidding for the best talent – finding the right candidate can often be difficult. At Portfolio CBR, we carry out regular talent searches to ensure that our clients have access to the highest calibre of professionals.

Recruiting the right talent

If you are hiring a global mobility coordinator, applicants should be able to demonstrate their ability to orchestrate moves successfully, where both the employee and business are kept happy throughout the entire process.

When helping clients to fill job vacancies, the Portfolio CBR team look for professionals with the following characteristics:

  • People oriented – as the coordinator will be working with stressed and anxious employees and their families, they must be able to empathise and sympathise with their situation.
  • Great communication skills – organising a relocation involves talking to numerous people and offices. A candidate must have strong communication skills to ensure that all parties are informed, helping operations to run smoothly.
  • Speak different languages – while this is highly advantageous, it is not compulsory. A multilingual applicant will be able to communicate effectively with organisations across different countries, ensuring that moves are carried out successfully.
  • Team orientated – a key responsibility in the global mobility coordinator role is working as part of and supporting the team around them. This requires the candidate to be willing to take on roles they may not have stepped into before and develop new valuable skills.
  • Strong organisation skills – during a move, many arrangements have to be made including finding a home, selling the old house, dealing with cultural differences and moving schools. This means that an applicant must have strong organisation skills and a keen eye for detail.

A candidate with the above skills will be a valuable asset to any business. However, it may be that the ideal candidate does not have previous experience as global mobility coordinator, but does have extensive experience working in rewards within a Human Resources department.

When hiring for a role that requires a large amount of communication and inter-personal skills, it is vital that the candidate’s personality and values fit your business as well as their job performance capabilities. At Portfolio CBR we take this into account and ensure we think outside the box when seeking the most suitable employee for your business.

A reward advisor would be of particular benefit in this area as their key responsibilities include supporting teams or departments through major reorganisations, benchmarking salaries, providing recommendations and supporting the regular compensation processes. The ability to successfully fill a reward advisor role necessitates that the candidate will fulfil the following requirements:

  • Outstanding communication and influencing skills
  • Salary and benefits benchmarking
  • Numerically minded, with exceptional analytical and data gathering skills
  • Excellent knowledge of excel
  • Dedicated to a project’s completion, flexible and open to working long hours

Of course, if you have a few additional requirements, just let the Portfolio CBR team know so that we can find a selection of the most suitable candidates.

For further recruitment help and support, contact Portfolio CBR on 020 7650 3190. Whether you require a global mobility coordinator, HRIS specialist or compensation analyst, a dedicated consultant will work closely with you to ensure that you hire the right professional for the job.

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