How to hire a highly capable global mobility manager

Many multinational corporations require their employees to cross borders and work in different countries. This deployment of talent has become an effective strategy for leading blue chips, critical to the global success of many organisations.

It is important for companies to have a strong global program and HR strategy in place due to the many challenges involved in relocating employees , including tax laws, payroll compliance and immigration issues. Therefore, many businesses turn to global mobility and international assignment services to guarantee their worldwide success.

About global mobility managers

A global mobility manager works with a multinational corporation and oversees the processes and costs involved in moving and maintaining employees in a new country. Heading up an assignment management team, they ensure that the client’s requirements are fully met, while the expatriate’s needs are also addressed.

Daily responsibilities can include:

  • The analysis of current operational processes to unearth new opportunities and improve procedures.
  • Providing managers and expatriates with relevant information on immigration and HR policy issues. They must also set up and run client meetings throughout the process.
  • Ensuring that clients are fully aware of any indirect costs, including the immigration, tax and legal issues involved.

A global mobility manager often works hand in hand with a reward specialist to provide an attractive relocation package to those who may be asked to move. Benefits for relocated employees can include medical care and travel expenses, while cost of living, tax efficiency and offshore pension options may also be taken into consideration. Of course, many employees will be keen to negotiate a lucrative relocation package, which will need to be discussed with the reward team.

Skills and qualities to look for

As multinational companies rely on global mobility services for the success of their global program, it is vital that businesses recruit a global mobility manager capable of taking on such a responsibility.

With work involving both HR and finance, the professional must have a good understanding of HR global mobility policies, including expat taxation, balance sheets, immigration, assignment services and compensation and benefits. Financial management is also a vital skill alongside an understanding of payroll, cost projection and assignee transfer processes.

They must also have good communication skills as they will be liaising with clients and expatriates throughout the process. Meanwhile, an eye for business development is key to review and develop the performance of their management team.

A global mobility manager may also be required to assess the needs of an employee before relocation, and facilitating their deployment. For example, some companies provide:

  • A pre-decision visit to the region and workplace
  • Intensive language courses and culture training
  • Assistance finding a property, furnishings and a car
  • Help selling or vacating their current home
  • Advice on relocating a spouse or family, e.g. careers and schooling

All of these factors will need to be taken into consideration by the global mobility manager when preparing, arranging and costing the process. A dedicated and perceptive global mobility manager is key in ensuring the success of relocations and transfers, and in turn, the success of your business overseas.

Recruitment advice

If you have any global mobility manager job vacancies, contact Portfolio CBR on 020 7650 3190. With experience in sourcing high quality applicants for a range of compensation and benefits jobs including benefits officers and compensation specialist positions, our recruitment advisors can help you hire the right candidate.

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