Global mobility survey reveals focus of managers

A recent survey has highlighted some of the skills and knowledge areas required for global mobility jobs.

The Global Mobility Survey 2014 – commissioned by the Santa Fe Group – questioned 1,296 mobility experts in 70 companies across the world.

The research highlights what global mobility professionals are spending most of their time on, and what they believe is key to the success of their role. One key finding is that 47% of programmes in businesses surveyed are linked to talent management, whereas 15% are not linked.

Time-consuming tasks

However, perhaps most interesting is what professionals spend their time on:

  • 40% said compensation and benefits for employees being relocated
  • 48% said immigration compliance tasks – with much higher amounts of time spent by respondents in India and the Philippines
  • 43% said tax compliance duties
  • 20% said expense management, removals and household goods

Furthermore, 40% believe they should be spending their time on strategic workforce planning, but just 11% feel they currently have time to do so.

Mike Brazier, group marketing manager at Santa Fe Group, told Employee Benefits:

"Despite the need to be more strategic, global mobility professionals appear to be held back by a sea of tactical tasks and administration. Now is the time for global mobility to take control, define ways of working and become more proactive."


The implications for mobility recruitment

Administrative tasks are clearly a large part of any role in global mobility management. However, businesses looking to fill a role in this field may want to consider seeking candidates with exceptional time management skills and experience in compensation and benefits. Furthermore, applicants could demonstrate ideas for improving efficiency in immigration and tax compliance. Background knowledge in all or most of these areas will enable the candidate to 'hit the ground running' and focus on strategic workforce planning.

Portfolio CBR specialises in recruitment for the compensation, benefits and global mobility sector. If you have a vacancy that requires this specialist skill set, contact us on 020 7650 3190.

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