Hiring a HR systems analyst

In this guide Portfolio CBR will take a look at what makes the perfect HR systems analyst candidate and how to go about hiring the right person.

Who should you be looking for?

A HR systems analyst must continually undertake systems development, which they will support, maintain and facilitate thorough software improvements. The role requires the candidate to possess an eye for detail, superior technical knowledge and strong communication skills.

A HR analyst liaises between the IT and HR department, they should be technically minded, creative and will be able to bring fresh ideas to the table.

They should possess excellent interpersonal skills, be able to build strong relationships and have the ability to purposefully lead the implementation of new policies. Essentially they should first be able to outline, and then successfully push out new IT initiatives.

What attributes should they have?

As an employer you need to be certain that they have a proven track record in business analysis, and can demonstrate clearly that they have experience in successfully identifying technical HR issues and carrying out effective improvements as planned.

You should be looking for a candidate whose technical skills are matched by their leadership and communication qualities. They must be able to correspond with colleagues at all levels of the company and provide thorough and clear instruction as to any system changes.

Required skills and experience

When looking to fill this type of role, you should be looking for a candidate with the following skills and experience :

  • Strong analytical / problem solving skills
  • Considerable testing and technical experience
  • Ability to work under pressure in a fast paced environment
  • Strong written and verbal communications
  • Ability to clearly present ideas
  • Experience of leading training sessions
  • Working knowledge of HR computing systems, e.g. experience in a HRIS job
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills

If you are looking for someone who has the skills or experience mentioned above, the Portfolio CBR team can help you fill a position for a HR systems analyst.

Assistance from Portfolio CBR

Portfolio CBR specialise in executive level recruitment for the compensation, benefits and reward industry. For assistance in filling your HR systems analyst vacancy, call our team on 020 7650 3190.

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