HRIS Jobs in London

As London is home to many global and national business headquarters, there are often a large number of HRIS jobs on offer in the capital.

Combining the use of various software programmes, high volume data analysis, reporting and communication, HRIS jobs require a very specific skill set. However, choosing the right candidate can serve to strengthen a HR department and improve business efficiency.

Portfolio CBR helps source and place exceptional candidates in compensation and benefits jobs, including those specialising in HRIS.

Types of HRIS jobs

  • Implementation – If a company requires HRIS to be implemented, upgraded or updated they may hire a HRIS specialist to oversee this process. It is vital that this employee has an understanding of what the business needs to achieve before a system is developed and implemented.
  • Consultancy – A HRIS consultant can be hired temporarily to help with a particular challenge or project, or with implementation as above. They may also be required to train other staff in the correct use of the system.
  • Administrator – Administrators will look after the day-to-day running of HRIS, the analysis and the reporting of data and how this is relevant to the business. However, an administrator working alone in a business may also be required to take on management duties.
  • Manager – This role could entail all of the above and more. The term manager could refer to the management of the system, and/or the management of a team. They will also oversee processes and pinpoint areas for change or improvement.

Contact Portfolio for assistance

Whichever type of HRIS job you are looking to fill or find, contact the team at Portfolio CBR on 020 7650 3190. Our offices are in London so we have a network of connections all over the city, as well as specialist experience which means understand what makes a perfect candidate/client match.

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