Strengthen your HR department with a HRIS specialist


Government regulations surrounding employment law alter year on year, with 2013 and 2014 set to see changes to national minimum wage, flexible working, parental leave and more.

As businesses must adhere to changing regulations, many employers hire a strong HR department in order to remain up-to-date with legislation. This team will often include a full-time or interim HRIS specialist who can manage and update HR computer programs following employment law changes.

HRIS specialist responsibilities

A HRIS specialist is typically responsible for managing and maintaining HR related systems. As well as updating programs following employment law changes, they also:

  • Maintain HRIS systems– when searching for a competent candidate, look out for those with knowledge of HRIS and HR administration practices. Also, database maintenance and data entry skills are essential.
  • Analyse data and pinpoint any discrepancies – a close eye for detail is needed as well as great problem solving skills. This will mean that your HRIS system is kept up-to-date, containing highly accurate data with minimal anomalies.
  • Prepare reports, graphs and statistics – a candidate should be able create accurate reports and statistics regarding employees and employment factors based on information from the HRIS system.
  • Liaise with the human resources department and employers – strong communication and verbal skills are a must as the professional will liaise with and report to other staff members.

With a HRIS specialist on your staff list, you can rest safe in the knowledge that all HR information and compensation and benefits packages are being looked after successfully.

Want to hire an interim HRIS specialist?

Choosing to recruit an interim HRIS specialist for a short period of time can be useful for a number of organisations, particularly for small businesses.

While a HR department may be able to look after HR related systems throughout most of the year, hiring an interim HRIS specialist can prove valuable following an employment law change or alteration to your business needs. An expert can be contracted to update your programs, allowing you to rest assured that the systems remain up-to-date and continue to work effectively.

An interim HRIS specialist should also be able to train your staff members in the use of any new or updated programs, making sure that the systems can be managed and utilised successfully once their contract has ended.

How to find the right candidate

If you think that a permanent or interim HRIS specialist would be useful within your HR department, Portfolio CBR can help you to find the right candidate for your business in three easy steps:

Whether you are looking for a HRIS specialist or have different compensation jobs, reward manager roles or benefits manager jobs available, you can trust us to find you the right candidate for your vacancy.

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  1. Create a job specification: Think carefully about what you expect from your HRIS specialist and the duties you want them to complete. This will allow Portfolio CBR to gain a full understanding of your requirements, giving us every opportunity to select the most suitable candidates.
  2. Interview potential candidates: We look at every application and source professionals from our talent pool to put together top candidates for you to interview. If you deem none to be completely right for your business, we won't rest until we find the most suitable applicant for your job post.
  3. Hire your HRIS specialist: Portfolio CBR will make sure that you recruit a candidate who is able to complete all your HRIS requirements, and who fits well with the ethos of your business.