Hiring an interim reward analyst

Many businesses will look to hire an interim reward analyst to see their business through a period of change or a shortage of staff.

Responsible for analysing, monitoring and reconciling pay and benefits data, the work of a reward analyst is key in attracting and retaining talent.

If you're finding your interim reward staff through a recruitment agency, you can rest assured you'll be sent only the very best candidates. They are likely to have similar educational achievements and plenty of professional experience in employee benefits jobs.

Of course, for some businesses hiring an interim professional is in fact a stepping stone to hiring a permanent staff member, as they try to find a perfect match based on their actual performance in the role rather than their success at the interview. If that's the case, what standout qualities should you look for in your interim reward analyst?

What to look for

A good interim reward analyst will immediately begin organising data effectively and establishing relationships across the business, both essential elements of the role. They will be adaptable enough to work with any previous processes put in place, and so organised that they can leave all data and files in an easy-to-understand system.

A truly exceptional candidate will also seek to 'make their mark', implementing fresh new strategies and processes for improved efficiency. They may also go beyond analysis, suggesting improvements to the communication of reward to employees, and will have opinions and insights on how changes in the sector will impact the wider reward strategy.

The final qualities to look for are of course staying power and eagerness. They will seize every opportunity to thrive and learn during their interim role at your business, and leave you feeling that they are indispensible.

These are just a few of the qualities that will indicate your interim reward manager is of a high calibre – whether you are looking to go permanent or not. By ensuring your business is always welcoming and supportive, you can ensure that when you do come across that star temp, you can easily turn them into permanent employees who will help drive your business forward.

Ask Portfolio for advice

Whether you are looking for a permanent or interim reward analyst, contact the team at Portfolio CBR on 020 7650 3190 to access a pool of talented candidates. We are a recruitment agency specialising in the compensation, benefits and reward sector, with a team dedicated to filling interim reward jobs.

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