Finding your Interim Reward Manager

Whether you require temporary cover or a project manager to oversee changes, interim reward management jobs require a highly specialised and varied skill set. Fortunately, interim positions are a popular choice among professionals looking to expand their experience, so there is no shortage of candidates you could attract.

When writing a job advert and conducting interviews for an interim reward manager, there are several important things to consider that will ensure you find the perfect candidate.

Considerations when hiring interim reward staff


  1. What do you want them to achieve? Always begin your search with a clear motive for the hire. Whether your focus is implementing new procedures, new technology, expansion, efficiency, or simply filling a gap in the team, this will inform the skills you require and the overall recruitment process.
  2. Does the role involve training or leadership? While experience in reward and exceptional analytical skills are a must for any position, if you are looking to hire someone who can train or lead your team, these are more specific skills. Do they have experience in leadership, have they designed and delivered training sessions before, and would they consider themselves to be patient and encouraging?
  3. Does the role require specialist knowledge? Certain aspects of reward management will require specialist knowledge, so ensure this is stated in the job advert and discussed in the interview. Examples may include specialist HRIS knowledge, experience of global reward or auto enrolment implementation.
  4. What can you offer the candidate? As you may expect, the best candidates are in high demand. See your vacancy from their perspective – what achievements will it add to their CV, what will they learn, how much responsibility will they have, what is the working environment like, and of course, what are the financial benefits?

Assistance from Portfolio CBR

Portfolio CBR specialise in executive level interim recruitment for the compensation, benefits and reward industry. For assistance in filling your interim vacancy, call our team on 020 7650 3190.

Meanwhile, if you are an experienced reward manager looking to benefit from the flexibility and variety of interim reward work, contact our team – we offer competitive pay and a wide spectrum of clients, and will strive to find you the perfect position.

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