International Assignment Jobs

Within the key responsibilities of an international assignment specialist, they must alleviate the stress that employees can experience when moving abroad for their work, as well as the procedures and policies that must be followed within that process.

Ideal candidates will therefore be highly organised, personable and possess excellent numeracy skills.

Although previous experience in human resources is not necessarily essential, candidates who have spent time working in the international assignment or global mobility area of HR before, will be at an advantage.

Candidate experience

At Portfolio CBR we are dedicated to finding the highest calibre candidates for our clients. Due to the years of experience possessed by our team of recruitment consultants, we know exactly which qualities our clients require in an international assignment specialist, including:

  • Previous experience in international mobility – this can include the candidate’s own relocating experience which will enable them to empathise with the employee
  • Exceptional numeracy skills
  • Advanced working knowledge of Excel
  • Strong communication skills

Candidates will be required to work closely with employees at various levels within a business’s hierarchical structure. They must be able to talk assuredly and confidently with a range of a employees who will all need the same attentive and thorough care during their relocation as they will be the key point of contact for any queries.

Daily responsibilities of an international assignment specialist

As well as easing the relocation process for an employee, the candidate must also be up to date on any legislative changes in this area. The candidate will be responsible for ensuring that the assignment process works efficiently and effectively, paying close attention to detail in every aspect. They may also find they are in charge of:

  • Preparing assignment projected cost calculations
  • Being the main point of contact on behalf of the employee, between authorities abroad and in the UK – including compliance with immigration regulations
  • Keeping accurate employee relocation records for tax purposes

Amongst these tasks will fall settling a flexible benefits, rewards and compensation package that is reflective of the upheaval the employee is undergoing.

Find your international assignment job with Portfolio CBR

At Portfolio CBR our experienced recruitment consultants are driven to help high-calibre candidates find the international assignment or global mobility role they deserve. If you would like to find out more about the clients we work with and the jobs we have available, speak to our team today on 020 7650 3190 for more information.

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