International Mobility Jobs

The key role of an international mobility specialist is to ease the transition for an employee and their family when they make the move abroad. This position requires someone with exceptional organisation and communication skills, who is able to cover all the bases necessary when an employee moves abroad.

Portfolio CBR is experienced in recruiting for this sector and able to assist you in the hiring process for your international mobility job. Once you have created a job description for the vacancy, we will provide a service tailored to your business’s needs in order to find you a suitable, high calibre candidate.

Required skills

The ideal candidate will have previous experience in an international mobility role, or alternatively relocated domestically or internationally themselves. This will enable them to empathise with the employee and their family who are currently going through the process.

Communication skills are essential in this role as the candidate is required to not only aid the employee in their move, but they will face language barriers as they negotiate issues such as:

  • Immigration requirements e.g. visas
  • The sale and acquisition of property at both ends of the move
  • Children’s schooling

The international mobility specialist should consider the cultural changes the employee will be facing and be able to provide support for them and their families.


A background in a compensatory role would be a beneficial attribute in an international mobility job. A candidate with experience in this area is an asset to the HR department of any business, as a compensation analyst will use industry benchmarking to assess what an employee should receive in benefits on top of their salary.

In the case of international mobility, a company may see fit to compensate a move with a more substantial benefits package than they previously received. The experienced consultants at Portfolio CBR use our established pool of high calibre candidates to seek out applicants who fulfil the criteria for your international mobility job.

We look for candidates who possess the skills and capacity to successfully fulfil the responsibilities of the role rather than those who may have been in an international mobility position before. This means we broaden the amount of candidates we consider for a role by taking into account their past experience and the knowledge that is applicable to your vacancy. For instance, a candidate who has previously worked in a global benefits role will have completed the following daily responsibilities:

  • Designing, developing and implementing benefits packages for employees abroad
  • Supporting the benefits programme across the business
  • Using industry benchmarking and exceptional analytical skills to strategise a competitive benefits package
  • Creating surveys, budgets and contracts for global employees

A candidate who has worked in a global mobility role possesses a wide range of expertise necessary for an international mobility job. This includes the vital talent for communicating with officials in various countries around the world, as they organise an employee’s smooth transition abroad.

Recruitment guidance

Portfolio CBR will ease the recruitment process for your vacancy, whether you are looking to fill a global mobility manager position or an international relocation assistant role, we have the knowledge and quality of candidates to ease the process. Contact the recruitment team at Portfolio CBR on 020 7650 3190.

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