Looking for your next compensation consultancy job?

So you’re looking for your new compensation consultancy job and you’ve looked at our current vacancies, but can’t find the role for you despite having the experience to make you a standout candidate for almost any role.

If this sounds like you, you almost certainly require a helping hand from a recruitment consultant at Portfolio.

Our team has the knowledge of the reward sector and the networking capabilities to get you an interview with the right people from a company that suits you.

When you contact our team we’ll speak in-depth about you and your aspirations, before working closely with you to place you in a role that’s right for you.

What you need to do is prepare your CV and get ready for the interview process – before you do that, here are the skills we generally look for to give you a head start with your application.

What skills do we look for?

For roles like this that require annual salary reviews and the overseeing of the entire compensation cycle, we will require you to have a strong academic background and demonstrable experience of working with the appropriate computer software, usually outlined in more detail in the job specification.

  • CIPF qualifications
  • Working knowledge of HRIS and SAP
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Strong analytical details and attention to detail

There are a number of reasons why a company might look to hire a new compensation consultant. Perhaps they’re going through a hiring crisis and are unable to attract the right talent. There might be a problem with turnover, or employees within the business might be lacking motivation and could require an improved incentives.

For these reasons, you must be able to think analytically about problems before creatively solving and leading a team to implement the changes outlined in your consultancy report.

Find your new compensation consultant job with Portfolio

If you are looking for a compensation consultancy role or have seen a job advertised that interests you advertised on our website, please call 020 7650 3190 and our recruitment consultancy team will assist your application and give the guidance you require.

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