Are you confident in your knowledge of mental health?

According to research carried out by Canada Life Group Insurance, a third of employees believe their employer has a negative approach to mental health.

The survey of 1000 employees discovered that 57% of respondents had experienced mental health problems while in employment.

This follows data revealed in 2015 that highlighted the impact mental health has on UK employees, with 37% of recorded absences in 2014 a result of mental health issues according to Legal and General.

What can managers do to promote positive mental health in the workplace?

Managing mental health issues can seem alien if it is not a discussion point you are familiar with. However, it is important that as an employer or manager you are able to:

  1. Spot the signs: this may be simply observing team members within meetings and taking notes of behaviours in order to spot changes or patterns arising.
  2. Engage with the problem: take steps to help with coping strategies for employees you know to be suffering. Bear in mind that in some circumstances it is your responsibility to make adjustments to the working environment.
  3. Promote open channels of communication: ensure that employees feel that there is an awareness of mental health in the workplace and that they have someone to talk to when they need to do so.

With 47% of mental health absences occurring in the financial and insurance sectors it is vital that employers in these areas are aware of the steps they can take to make their employees’ working lives better.

This means investing in the right employee benefits for your business, according to the needs of your workforce.

Therefore, if you are a manager in the financial or insurance sectors and you are concerned about the rise in mental health absences, it is important that you factor channelling funds into this area of your employee benefits scheme.

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