News: Quarter of workers want to see greater benefits

Better benefits equals happier staff

Nearly a quarter of workers (24%) believe improved employee benefits will make them happier about their place of work, according to a recent piece of research by recruitment company Adecco.

From salary increases to flexible working schedules, the survey of 1,054 workers found that many believed changes to the workplace would improve their feelings towards work. Almost half felt that an increase in their wages would improve their sentiment towards their workplace, whereas 25% said flexible working would improve their negative feelings towards work.

Get rid of that Monday feeling

With 44% of those surveyed saying they feel depressed, anxious or stressed ahead of a new working week, as well as a third confessing to calling in sick due to work-related anxiety, it’s never been more important to focus on employee benefits.

A further 36% admitted they have considered leaving their role due to severe anxiety, and heavy workloads and lack of managerial support were cited as two of the main sources of stress.

A better office dynamic encourages productivity

It’s an obvious observation that better benefits and a happier work environment will lead to better productivity as well as increased staff retention, yet many workplaces still fail to achieve this.

Alex Fleming, managing director at Adecco, said: “A good office dynamic is crucial for happy and productive workplaces. The prevalence of office politics as a cause of such severe stress is an indication that many organisations are struggling to manage their office culture.”

He added: “It is also worrying that so many workers spend their weekends and holidays full of anxiety and dread about their return to work on Monday morning.”

Make sure your staff feel rewarded and positive at work

Nobody wants negative or unhappy workers, and you can ensure they feel rewarded and motivated at work with sufficient benefits and approachable HR staff on hand to help individual workers, should they need it.

Make sure your company has excellent HR staff, including benefit managers, to keep your current staff happy and attract the highest calibre employees to the organisation. Find the right compensation, benefit and reward staff with Portfolio – call 020 7650 3190 to speak to a member of our expert recruitment team.

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News: Quarter of workers want to see greater benefits

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