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Employee recognition comes in more complex shapes and sizes than purely financial. It is vital that employees know they are appreciated and that their efforts have benefited the company in order to nurture this behaviour in the future.

However, finding the right balance between recognising achievements and over-indulging smaller feats can be difficult to gauge, this is where a recognition specialist becomes an extremely valuable commodity to a business.

Skills and Experience

A recognition specialist or manager will be experienced in the compensation, benefits and reward industry, and able to strategise a suitable recognition program for your company. Portfolio CBR can help you compile a job description according to the usual daily responsibilities of a recognition specialist, and the desired skills you require the candidate to possess.

For instance, you may wish a potential candidate to have the following skills and experience:

  • Organisation – A recognition specialist is likely to be responsible to a large number of people from a number of departments, it is therefore a necessity that they are able to keep track of employees and their current status.
  • Analytically minded – The recognition specialist or manager is responsible for planning a program that is suitable for the business, and therefore necessitates some industry benchmarking to have taken place. They will need to be fully aware of competitor’s recognition schemes, the core values of the business, a good knowledge of current reward policies in place and employee salaries.
  • Commercial awareness – Candidates must demonstrate their understanding of incentive driven business performance, as well as managing reward and compensation processes.
  • Management experience – A potential recognition specialist must be able to work well independently, but must also possess strong management skills as they will be required to both negotiate and influence those around them.

Creating an atmosphere of appreciation

Part of the recognition manager’s daily responsibilities include establishing and maintaining a positive working environment. Therefore, instead of a business focussing solely on monetary benefits and rewards, senior employees address the specific achievements of employees as they occur.

Acknowledging accomplishments in this manner is often considered to be more affirming of worth and value to a company than financial reward, as it individualises the situation and the employee by actively noting their independent contribution to a campaign, project or team.

Not only does this recognition make the employee feel appreciated, but it motivates and encourages future productivity and loyalty to the business.

How Portfolio CBR can help

Portfolio CBR are able to provide reliable advice from our years of experience recruiting for recognition and reward roles. Whether you are looking for a compensation and benefits specialist, a recognition manager or a reward consultant, our specialist recruitment consultants will work hard to help you find your ideal candidate for the vacancy.

If you would like to find out more about how a recognition specialist could benefit your business, please contact our team on 020 7650 3190.

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