Recruiting for reward jobs

Our recruitment experts will find suitable candidates for your reward jobs vacancies, such as reward manager or reward consultant.

We will only look for professionals who meet your requirements, and present people who have the right skills and experience, and who match the culture of your company.

Why are reward jobs important?

Reward professionals work closely with HR departments to effectively and efficiently put reward schemes into place.

Successful schemes ensure the workforce performs to its potential, while enabling the progression and retention of staff.

They are also vital for setting your business apart from its competitors when looking to attract the highest calibre of candidate for vacancies.

Therefore, it is important to have skilled rewards staff to help move the business forward.

What type of candidate to look for

All reward roles require candidates to have strong communication skills as they are the main point of contact with the HR department.

They must have the confidence to pinpoint areas of improvement in the reward policy and to effectively implement their ideas.

Daily tasks generally include:

  • Reviewing of benefit packages and bonus policies
  • Carrying out pay audits
  • Implementing changes to current compensation, benefit and reward schemes
  • Adapting reward policies in line with legislation

When looking for a reward manager, strong candidates will have prior managerial experience and will have successfully led a team, with demonstrable results.

In all cases you need to attract candidates who are invested in the business and its culture.

Find the right candidate with Portfolio

Below are just some of the positions we recruit for:

Speak to Portfolio if you would like assistance filling positions within the compensation, benefit and reward sector.

We ensure the process is quick and efficient, providing specialist guidance throughout. Call us today on 020 7650 3910.

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