Reward Advisor

A reward advisor is a valuable asset to a Human Resources department as they play a vital role in the acquisition, motivation and retention of talented employees.

Compensation, benefits and reward has become a highly regarded area of business in recent years, as retaining exceptional employees throughout a recession has become increasingly relevant. Employers must not only scope out fresh talent for their business but retain those they have with attractive benefits packages on top of basic salary.

How a Reward Advisor will benefit your business

Reward professionals are able to strategise and construct attractive benefits packages for employees at all levels throughout the company, this may be of particular advantage to an international company looking to appropriately compensate and ease the transition for employees moving abroad. An international mobility coordinator is a specialist benefit and reward professional who is able to ensure the transition period runs smoothly for the employee and their family whilst making sure they are adequately provided for by the company.

Reward advisors have often come from an HR background and moved into specialising in rewards. This means they have developed exceptional people skills as they must be able to effectively communicate between employer and employee, whilst being particularly competent at data analyses and numeracy.

At Portfolio CBR we will only put forward candidates who have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience to fulfil the reward advisor role successfully. This will allow you to concentrate on a select group of candidates who fit with the values and ethos of your business as well as their professional capabilities.

What to look for in a Reward Advisor

As our consultants seek the ideal applicants for your company, we will be looking for professionals who are able to effectively take on the following responsibilities:

  • Providing advice and support on reward and recognition matters to employers and employees
  • Dealing with queries from HR and employers on reward, benefit and compensation matters
  • Managing existing reward and benefit processes using industry benchmarking to re-evaluate plans where necessary
  • A flexible member of the HR team who is able to help adapt its services to create maximum benefit for the business

To adequately perform the reward advisor role Portfolio CBR looks for candidates with the following experience and attributes:

  • Excellent numeracy skills and knowledge of Excel
  • Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities
  • Able to network and maintain industry contacts
  • Organisation – it is crucial that the candidate is able to prioritise their time, managing a range of projects and activities simultaneously
  • Intuitive, proactive and self-reliant

A candidate with the above experience and skills would be a tremendous asset to a business. However, if there are any further specifications you require in a potential employee, just let the team at Portfolio CBR know and we will endeavour to find a selection of the most suitable candidates.

The importance of reward jobs to your business

Providing compensation, benefits and reward packages are key factors when attracting high calibre talent to a business. Proper time, effort and investment spent on a reward scheme can give a company the edge it needs to not only draw in new employees but to retain essential members of the team.

However, balancing the creation of a reward and benefits packages that is competitive in a business’s industry while ensuring that the company’s budget is never exceeded, requires an experienced reward professional. Portfolio CBR has an exceptional talent pool of candidates, of whom many have worked extensively throughout the reward, benefits and compensation industry.

Our candidates specialise in driving employee motivation across the business by organising away days, gifts, prizes, social events and bonuses which both inspires loyalty and raises the morale of the most valued people in a company.

Whether you are looking for a compensation and benefits officer or a head of reward, our team will work with you closely to ensure that your newest employee is the right one. For more information and support throughout your recruitment process, please contact Portfolio CBR on 020 7650 3190.

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