Recruitment advice for reward analyst jobs

A reward analyst is an integral part of any HR department; therefore it is important for employers to hire top talent when filling reward analyst jobs available at their business.

Responsible for developing and maintaining job descriptions, any possible recruit must have the right set of skills and experience for the role. By employing someone who demonstrates their ability to complete the job successfully, you can be sure that your structures and policies remain highly effective, competitive and up-to-date with legislation.

Which skills should I look out for?

When interviewing candidates for reward analyst jobs, there are a number of skills to keep an eye out for, including:

Organisation skills – the candidate is responsible for conducting surveys, examining market changes and analysing data to develop and maintain pay and bonus programs, they must therefore be able to organise their time well to meet deadlines and complete all work successfully.

An analytical mind and eye for detail – when analysing existing data and updating programs, the candidate must be able to closely examine information for discrepancies, while providing solutions to help improve programs and policies.

Able to keep up-to-date with laws and regulations – thorough knowledge of any legislation changes is needed to make sure that pay structures and benefits packages are completely compliant with regulations.

Communication skills – the candidate must be able to communicate well both verbally and in writing, providing employers and key stakeholders with key information on your pay and rewards program.

Team player and leader – self-direction is key, as the candidate must independently research the market and develop competitive salaries and benefits structures. However, the candidate must also be able to work well with others, as they may be expected to work with a benefits officer, compensation consultant and others.

Within the rewards sector

It is important to look for candidates with previous experience in the rewards industry, but not necessarily in this particular area. You may find suitably qualified professionals with a business or human resources degree, which will have provided them with a broad background in the field.

You may also come across candidates who have decided to switch speciality within the compensation, benefits and reward industry. A candidate with compensation analyst experience would be appropriate for the role as their skills are directly transferable into a reward analyst position.

A reward analyst is responsible for:

  • Industry benchmarking analysis
  • Developing competitive salary and reward schemes according to current policies in order to attract and retain talented employees
  • Provide a mediatory position between management and employees on compensation issues, employ schemes throughout the organisation and maintain a schemes efficiency

Excellent communication skills are crucial in compensation, benefits and rewards roles as one of the primary functions within their role is to confidently discuss reward related matters with both stake holders and internal staff. This is particularly vital for analysts, who must be able to communicate complex analytical information to a range of people.

Recruitment guidance from the experts

It is important for you as an organisation to recognise what the high calibre professionals you are hoping to hire will be looking for in a company. It is therefore beneficial to include information about your company’s ethos and goals in order to set your business apart from others and attract talented reward analysts.

Portfolio CBR can help employers as they look to recruit candidates with the necessary skills and experience for reward analyst jobs. A dedicated consultant can offer specialist advice throughout the recruitment campaign and pool together a group of quality candidates ready for the interview stage, not resting until they find the right professional for the role.

For further information on our specialist recruitment services, contact us on 020 7650 3190.

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