Finding top candidates for reward manager jobs

With years of experience supporting well-established organisations as they recruit for reward manager jobs, Portfolio CBR understands that it is highly important to hire a candidate who can competently complete their duties, and who fits perfectly with the dynamics of the business.

Reward manager skills and duties

When selecting high calibre candidates for reward manager jobs, Portfolio CBR only chooses professionals with relevant skills, knowledge and experience. This allows you to concentrate on a select group of suitable individuals, rather than spending time looking through unsuitable applications.

As our consultants pool together applicants they deem to be capable of taking on the daily responsibilities of a reward manager, they look for professionals who demonstrate the ability to:

  • Plan, implement and initiate new reward programs that are highly effective and competitive.
  • Analyse and develop current processes in place.
  • Benchmark, review, manage and administer all strategies and programs, from the annual bonus cycle to long-term incentive programs.
  • Collaborate with HR colleagues during the development and introduction of reward schemes, while being able to build relationships and make recommendations to stakeholders.
  • Keep up-to-date with industry knowledge and be the point of contact for reward matters.
  • Work well with programs such as Excel.

A reward manager is a key member of any company as they help reward, motivate and retain talented employees, making an ideal candidate one with a background as a compensation and benefits specialist.

This experience would provide them with the knowledge and skills required in a reward manager role, as compensation and benefits specialists are adept at creating reward programs. A reward manager must be able to negotiate a suitable program between an employee and employer, which adequately rewards talented employees without outweighing what the business can afford to offer.

Of course, reward manager jobs and duties can differ slightly from business to business. When working with specialist recruitment agency Portfolio CBR, you can express your exact needs and gain access to candidates who have appropriate core skills along with your additional requirements.

Additional skills

As large companies look to expand there will eventually come a time when this necessitates the incorporation of an overseas office, and the deployment of talent to enable young offices to grow.

It is therefore important for the HR department to have a global mobility strategy in place to cope with the problems and issues that naturally arise in this circumstance. A global mobility manager will deal with the numerous challenges involved when relocating employees such as tax laws, payroll compliance and immigration issues.

During the hiring process for a reward manager you may not have international mobility jobs to fill. However, if your company is expanding rapidly you might consider hiring a reward manager with experience in this area as a future asset to your HR department.

Recruitment services for job seekers

Portfolio CBR also provides quality recruitment support to job seekers looking to gain employment within the compensation, benefits and reward industry. Whether you are looking for a reward analyst position or global mobility manager job role, a dedicated specialist will work hard to match you with high-status organisations based on your skills set and preferences, ensuring that you make your best possible career move.

For further information about the recruitment service we provide to both employers and job seekers, contact us on 020 7650 3190 to speak with one of our highly trained consultants.

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