Reward Managers: our hiring tips

A reward manager is a key figure in many businesses, and can be central to continued growth and productivity. In this guide, Portfolio CBR takes a look at what goes into hiring a perfect candidate.


The reasons for hiring a reward manager are closely tied to business success.

One common reason is that a business wants to attract key talent, and by benchmarking salaries and offering an attractive benefits package, the reward manager can help put forward a competitive offering. A reward strategy will also aim to retain star employees and motivate the general workforce – all, of course, with one eye on the business's budgets and objectives.


A reward manager should be sought if your business is about to go through a period of sustained growth or expansion, needs to hire top level talent in a competitive market, or if you are worried by staff turnover and want to instigate change.

Of course, interim reward jobs can be created to lead projects or oversee changes on a temporary basis should you not wish to commit to a permanent role.


A reward manager is typically highly experienced in HR, with some previous experience in the compensation, benefits and reward sector. Skills will include excellent communication, a head for figures, an eye for detail, and a highly organised approach. They should have a strong and demonstrable knowledge of flexible benefits schemes, salary benchmarking procedures, and the latest pensions and payroll legislation.

Reward managers should also be innovative and creative. Putting together a reward package that will attract top talent while meeting the business's needs is a challenge that often requires thinking outside the box, negotiation and fresh ideas.


It is important to write your job ad in an appealing way to attract candidates, and formulate interview questions that will reveal the candidate's approach to reward, as well as their personality. You may also consider using a specialist jobs site or recruitment agency if you are looking for a highly experienced individual, as this is a specialised field.

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