Successful businesses engage effectively with employees

Research from Hay Group has revealed strong evidence of a link between the performance of a business and the level at which it engages with employees.

The report states that by keeping employees engaged, an organisation’s bottom line is improved, and by doing so; it also serves as better preparation for future challenges.

It reveals companies with the highest engagement scores have revenues 4.5 times higher than those with the lowest, and looks into how engagement can be utilised to ensure workforces are more agile and adaptable to changing scenarios.

The paper, Engaging hearts and minds: Preparing for a Changing World is based on the data and responses of 7 million employees across the globe.

Employee enablement also key

The research found that companies with higher levels of engagement and enablement are 50% more likely to exceed their performance targets.

In addition¬, Hay Group reveal that giving employees the right tools to perform is also a major factor in success, with Research division director Ben Hubbard saying businesses “need to ensure staff are enabled as well as engaged”.

Hubbard also said that employers caring about their workforce is a “good thing” but it has to be “genuine and have integrity”, while sometimes the “organisations hold staff back and are unable to perform to their best”.

Four in ten employees said the lack of resources at work stopped them from succeeding, yet those with high levels of engagement and enablement are 50% as likely to exceed their performance targets.

Hay Group is hosting a webcast during February where they are to reveal five key business challenges that companies need to address if they are to sustain performance.

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It should be a priority to ensure staff are challenged sufficiently, and that you have the right structure in place to enable them to work to their potential.

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