Why hire temporary compensation & benefits specialists?

Employee engagement is top of the agenda for many businesses in 2014. The Benefits Research 2014 in fact found that 72% of respondents cited improving employee engagement as a key factor in shaping their benefits strategy.

And no wonder – various studies have shown that engaged employees try harder, perform better, and ultimately make more money for the business.

However, recent research from Towers Watson paints a worrying picture – showing that just 40% of employees are 'highly engaged', while 24% are 'disengaged'.

Bringing in a specialist

Compensation and benefits specialists are focused on boosting employee engagement by offering a package of pay and extras that will attract, retain and reward hard working employees.

Hiring a temporary compensation and benefits specialist is a popular and wise choice; whether a business is looking to bring in a temporary expert to assist the existing HR team in refreshing the pay and benefits strategy, or is hoping to 'test the waters' with a temporary worker before creating a permanent role.

You can expect a compensation and benefits specialist to:

  • Have excellent interpersonal skills and therefore the ability to communicate a benefits package and advise line managers effectively
  • Analyse and understand the needs of the workforce, and perceive which benefits would improve quality of life
  • Work closely with HR teams and line managers to ensure pay is tied to performance, and reflected in staff development and responsibility
  • Apply their extensive knowledge of legislation such as auto enrolment, as well as their experience of different benefits and systems
  • Benchmark your offering against others in your industry, to ensure you are sufficiently competitive
  • Be able to balance employee needs with the business's budgets, and negotiate more affordable packages with suppliers
  • Have a general passion for employee engagement and benefits, keeping up with the latest research and strategies

Talent at your disposal

Fortunately for employers, temporary and interim work is a popular choice among professionals. Representing an opportunity to pick up varied skills and experience, bridge the gap between two permanent roles, or simply enjoy a more flexible lifestyle, there is no shortage of talent and enthusiasm at your disposal.

Call Portfolio CBR on 020 7650 3190 to speak to our team dedicated to filling temp compensation & benefits jobs. We specialise in finding the right person for the job from our pool of skilled professionals.

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