Why hire a temporary compensation consultant?

Within any large business, managing the pay and benefits of top level staff is of course a key consideration.

While some businesses may fulfil this function mostly in-house, in certain circumstances it can be necessary to bring in an experienced compensation consultant on a temporary basis.

For example, a compensation consultant may be enlisted when changes in legislation affect a company's pay and benefits structure.

Other reasons could include:

  • A hiring crisis – For some reason, your business simply isn't attracting the top talent it needs to; possibly because you are being outshone by your competitors in terms of pay and benefits. A compensation consultant will benchmark salaries and benefits packages to ensure you stand out as an attractive proposition.
  • A problem with turnover – The number of key people leaving the business is beginning to cause concern. A compensation consultant may look at ways to reward long service and ensure pay remains attractive with increasing seniority.
  • A motivation injection – An effective overhaul of compensation and benefits packages can instil a fresh wave of enthusiasm in any team. However, the consultant will ascertain which benefits will be most attractive to employees and most affordable to the employer.

Why temping is tempting

Taking on temporary staff is an attractive option to many businesses, as there is of course the chance to determine the suitability of a candidate for the role without being tied in to a permanent employment contract.

However, employers may also find themselves presented with a great choice of candidates. Temping is a popular choice with ambitious professionals looking to diversify and improve their CV by working in a variety of roles and businesses. What's more, a candidate with a history of temping will bring richly varied experience to your vacancy, which they can draw on in any situation.

Contact Portfolio CBR for temporary recruitment

Portfolio CBR specialises in executive level temporary recruitment for the compensation, benefits and reward sector. Contact our team on 020 7650 3190 if you have a vacancy that requires filling, or sign up to join our compensation temps database if you are a skilled professional looking for a new challenge.

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