The role of a Head of HR

A Head of HR is responsible for leading the department as they embody the business’s culture and encourage change into the organisation. Having a head of human resources gives you a positive representative for the company’s values that radiates inspiration and encourages a healthy workplace, to do this effectively your candidates must all have strong leaderships skills along with being personable and friendly. It is their job to transform the culture within the workplace to be compliant with current regulations, professional standards, policies and procedures and legislation.

It is a Head of HR’s duty to ensure all managers that they line manage are sufficiently skilled and trained along with providing them the information and guidance to effectively manage workforce issues. By ensuring your candidates can develop and maintain relationships within your workforce, you should analyse their ability to develop and nurture relationships. This specific skill can provide ease that they will enforce positive change within your business rather than shake things up upon arrival.

Some more skills to look out for within your candidates:

  • Ability to create people focused strategy
  • Innovative thinking
  • Incredibly positive and approachable
  • Experience of using data for driving performance and changes
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in a management role
  • Experience managing a team of people

Benefits of hiring a Head of HR:

  • Advise and implement effective policies and procedures including employee recognition schemes
  • Manage the execution of the HR departments strategies and overall functions, including the recruitment process, administrative duties, payroll, reward & recognition, and budgeting
  • Encourages the business to reaching their goals and help project company values throughout the office
  • Ensure HR initiatives are being implemented efficiently and effectively

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