The role of a HR Assistant

HR Assistant is the start of the career ladder, it is an entry-level position where a person can start their journey in human resources and hopefully find a passion in such a rewarding career. This position is vital to the smooth running of a business as they carry out a range of tasks to support the HR team and employees. It does not stop there, there lots of opportunities to progress a person’s career, providing the ability to climb the ladder and progress into the next role, which would be an HR officer.

When on your search for the perfect HR Assistant to join your team, it is vital that they possess a specific set of qualities, one quality being strong organisational skills. It is inevitable that the role will experience a varied workload with changing demands, lots of different tasks and work coming from different people, so it is important that they can manage and prioritise their workload effectively. Another quality that should be non-negotiable for your new starter should be top level communication skills in both verbal and written settings. Strong communication skills are vital as they need to understand how to effectively communicate with managers and employees at every level, in conjunction with this they need to be personable if they are dealing with issues such as complaints, queries and confidential matters.

More skills to look for within applicants:

  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills
  • Proactivity
  • Trustworthy and credibility
  • Strategic
  • Motivated
  • Empathy
  • Computer proficiency
  • Experience in recruitment

This comprehensive list is a guide on what you should be looking out for when hiring a potential candidate to join your dynamic team as you will need an efficient new starter to fulfil the multitude of tasks, they will face each day. Usually, a HR Assistant will support the payroll processes throughout the month, deal with grievance’s, help with the onboarding of new employees, arrange meetings, and handle general daily duties, assisting the entire HR team.

At Portfolio HR & Reward we specialise in the recruitment of human resources staff, from entry-level administrative positions to management and directorial roles. If you would like our recruitment specialists to help you unearth great candidates for your HR vacancies, contact us today.  Alternatively, you can register your vacancy via a quick and easy form, and we will get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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