The role of a HR Business Partner

HR Business Partner, known as HRBP, is a strategic role which liaises between the HR Department and the rest of the business. This position needs to have a comprehensive understanding of the business as their role is to ensure the human resource department is truly making an impact to the organisation.

Someone in this role must be able to keep with current trends within the world of HR, as the position is driven by implementing business changes depending on these emerging trends. Not only do they have to be clued up on trends, but they also need strong data analysis skills to be able to make data-driven decisions to ensure positive influences are being made along with-it meeting demands and business targets.

An HRBP must provide valuable advice and coaching to stakeholders, to ensure your candidates can offer this as a service they must understand how current and future challenges and trends may impact people within the business. Not only must they be able to analyse current and future trends, but they also must be able to use that in decision making.

Usually, they work with the Head of HR to strengthen the company’s culture along with improving the employee experience, so its beneficial in the hiring process to ensure they have experience in implementing projects. The sort of projects HRBP implement within a business emphasises the importance in employee wellness, diversity and inclusivity, and strong talent attraction and retention.

More benefits from hiring a HRBP into your business:

  • Someone to work closely with management and employees to build morale, increase productivity and improve relationships
  • An employee focused on suggesting new strategies and evaluating training programmes based on data and analytics

Key skills to look for within your HRBP:

  • Excellent people skills
  • Strong with analytics and data
  • Full understanding of all HR functions and best practises
  • Experience with HR metrics
  • Comprehensive understanding of the industry, focus area and business trends
  • Strong business management skills including economic management and strategic planning
  • Ability to lead and manage change
  • Business partnering skills

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