The role of a HR Coordinator

A HR coordinator is a role designed to help alleviate pressure within the HR department, as they facilitate daily human resource duties and can assist in the running of projects. They can contribute to the attainment of your company’s goals and values, whilst working in compliance with the UK Labour and employment laws. This position usually reports to the department manager, providing them with general admin responsibilities and any ad hoc assistance needed to continue the smooth running of the business. Incorporating this role in your business means the management can focus on developing and implementing new projects, improve management and employee relations and handle any disciplinary processes along with formal grievances with the utmost efficiency and attentiveness.

The ideal person in this role is someone who the company can rely on to respond to internal and external HR enquiries, support employees and maintain their records of personnel data in both paper and digital formats. Due to the nature of human resources and dealing with extremely sensitive information, it is essential that all your potential candidates have experience working in a confidential environment, handling classified information, presenting themselves to you as a trustworthy figure for your business.

There are a specific set of qualities needed for a coordinator in the HR sector, and the below are a few of them to look out for when shortlisting your candidates:

  • Emotional intelligence

In HR positions, emotional intelligence is key for identifying employee’s emotions and responding effectively. Having the ability to ‘read the room’ and recognising feelings and discrepancies within the workplace can help gain the trust and cooperation of fellow employees. This in turn will create a more effective and dynamic workplace culture.

  • Strong communication skills

Communicating effectively is the core to a successful HR team within a business. The nature of this HR role may include supporting recruitment, organising events, and presenting in meetings, meaning the role is very front facing. Ensuring your chosen candidate is warm, personable, and empathetic while communicating in their writing and publicly is key to creating that ‘open door’ policy.

  • Problem solving

Most of the time, coordinators must actively listen to employee issues and resolve them, so having the ability to identify the issues and present a realistic solution, and to implement it, is crucial. Strong problem-solving skills are at the crux of being successful in a human resource position.

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