What does a Reward Manager do?

A Reward Manager is responsible for establishing and maintaining an organisation’s incentive scheme, with the aim of motivating employees to improve productivity and company performance.

If you already work in a reward position, you’ll be better placed than most to outline the day-to-day tasks you undertake from within an HR department, but for those people who think they might fancy moving into a reward capacity in the future, here’s a quick outline as to what your day might entail.

As a Reward Manager, typical responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring salary structure and benefits
  • Developing competitive benefit packages
  • Ensuring all benefit packages are legally compliant
  • Negotiating with unions
  • Maintaining personal records
  • Setting salaries (hourly or yearly)
  • Communicating changes to stakeholders and employees

In addition to these crucial tasks, a Reward Manager is responsible for overseeing a team of employees within the HR department, who will assist with the implementation of policies.

Managerial experience, therefore, is a must. This should be outlined in great detail in your CV and explained in further detail during the interview process.

Hours and salary

In general, the job is 9-to-5-style hours and is office-based – although external meetings are generally required to build relationships with other organisations that can assist with the implementation of reward scheme(s), as well as make sure it’s lucrative enough for employees.

Your salary will depend on the company you work for, the location, and your level of experience. Salaries range between £22,000 and £40,000, with some wages for the highest-level employees reaching £50,000 or more.

Break into Reward Management

Portfolio’s Recruitment Consultants can help you make the step into reward management. Get in contact with us to discuss your career ambitions or take a look at our latest jobs to see one you want to apply for – we’ve got the experience and are here to help.

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