What to consider when hiring a Reward Manager

The role of Reward Manager is vital to organisations who want to attract top talent and understand the importance of workforces that feel appreciated and valued. To ensure you hire the current person for the role, it’s important to make sure you know the right questions to ask and what to look out for in your candidates.

Industry Knowledge

You need to ensure that you hire someone who has a strong knowledge of your industry, any recent developments and any legislative changes which your benefits packages will need to comply with.

Questions to challenge candidate in this respect:

How do you ensure you are up to date with market trends?

How would you ensure that all reward packages were in line with current legislative changes?

Innovative and creative problem solving

A successful reward manager needs to be able to think creatively to solve problems and create benefits packages that strike a balance between attracting the best professionals and serving the business needs of the organisation. Ask for following questions to gain a sense of how your candidate may achieve this:

Describe a time when you have developed a creative solution to a problem an organisation you worked for had faced

Would you describe innovation as important to the role of reward manager? Why?

Good organisational skills

Your reward manager will need to be able to keep meticulous records, have strong numerical skills and impeccable attention to detail. They will have a full and varied workload and so they must have effective tools and practices for staying organised.

How do you approach prioritising your work?

Describe a time when you have been close to missing a deadline; what action did you take to meet the deadline?

What is the first thing you do when you get into the office in the morning?

From the questions above you will be able to build a picture of the candidate's approach to organising themselves and their work.

Excellent communication skills

A reward manager needs to be able to relate to employers and their needs, understanding what’s important to them and what will make a difference to their day to day lives.

Describe a time when you have worked with a colleague that you found difficult to work with, how did you approach this situation?

How do you ensure you avoid miscommunication in the workplace?

Tell me about a time when you feel you failed to communicate effectively in work, what did you learn from this?

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