Why use a specialist recruitment agency

Why Use a Specialist Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment is a significant challenge for any employer. Identifying candidates with the right blend of skills and cultural fit is crucial for the success of any recruitment process and ultimately business performance.

Engaging a specialist recruitment agency such as Portfolio HR & Reward can provide numerous advantages, including access to top talent, reduced workload, shorter time-to-hire, and substantial cost savings.

Access to Top Talent 

Established Relationships and Extensive Network

With over 12 years in the marketplace, our consultants have cultivated connections at all levels of the market from administrators & advisors to HRBPs, specialists and Directors.  Our extensive network of experienced professionals grows daily with active approaches to job seekers and conversations with passive talent. This “little black book” allows us to commence any talent search with pre-qualified candidates, saving valuable time during the longlisting and shortlisting stages.

Advanced Resourcing Tools

We invest significantly in market-leading resourcing tools and new technologies, enabling us to extend our reach across the UK; even internationally. Our resources include job boards, LinkedIn, networking events, and other innovative platforms; all of which are provided at no additional cost to clients who use our services.

Market Expertise

Our consultants are experts in their respective fields, understanding the nuances of HR, reward, benefits and compensation roles and candidate expectations. We can offer valuable insights that will help you develop a comprehensive job description, select an appropriate salary, and tailor a remuneration package to attract the right talent for your unique business needs.

Reduces Workload and Time-to-Hire 

Efficient Use of Manpower

The recruitment process can be time-consuming, involving advertising, searching, and qualifying candidates. Our dedicated team of consultants handles these tasks daily, building networks and engaging with both active job seekers and passive candidates. This ensures we can find the perfect hire efficiently.

Sector Knowledge

Our in-depth understanding of the HR, reward, benefit and compensation sector enables us to identify and qualify high-quality candidates quickly. We excel at reading CVs, asking the right questions, and understanding the specific requirements of various roles. Typically, our specialist consultants can present a first shortlist within 48 hours of receiving a brief, facilitating interviews within 5-7 working days, subject to candidate availability.

Cost Savings 

The longer a vacancy remains unfilled, the greater the potential financial impact on your business. Gaps in your HR or reward teams can lead to unsupported employees, mismanaged rewards and benefits, fines for non-compliance, and increased turnover. By partnering with a specialist recruitment agency, you can secure qualified HR, rewards, compensation, and benefits professionals swiftly, mitigating these risks and ensuring smooth business operations.

In conclusion, partnering with a specialist recruitment agency such as Portfolio HR & Reward offers significant benefits in acquiring exceptional HR, reward, benefit & compensation talent such as lightening workload, speeding up the hiring process, and lowering business costs.

This wealth of connections enables us to swiftly source top-tier talent that perfectly aligns with your company’s requirements. Our long-standing brand reputation instils confidence in both candidate and clients, fostering trust in the quality of and reliability of our services. By leveraging our expertise and resources, you can ensure your business attracts and retains the best professionals in the market.

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