Portfolio Hr And Reward
Month: October 2013

Employee Recognition Schemes

Recognition schemes are an effective way for employers to regularly establish their corporate values and ethos amongst employees. Employers can use recognition schemes as a tool to motivate staff, or reward them when they go the extra mile to provide the quality of customer service the company aspires to. In the lead-up to the 2012 … Continued

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Why reward jobs are vital to your business

If you operate a large business and employ highly skilled professionals, you'll know just how important a well-organised reward scheme can be. Compensation, benefits and reward is now widely recognised as a vital aspect of attracting new talent to a business. The reward schemes on offer can be the make-or-break during the recruitment process, setting … Continued

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What to expect from global mobility coordinator applicants

A global mobility coordinator is responsible for relocating employees and their families from one country to another as part of their employment. They must be able to set up and oversee transfers, ensuring that the transition from one country to another runs as smoothly as possible. The responsibilities range from meeting immigration requirements, organising visas, … Continued

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